the film

from outside to inside

This film is based on „as far as the eye can hear“ a choreographic performance from Martine Pisani made for open air.
It is not about capturing the performance itself but to create a new object out of some sequences of the performance. We have chosen the sequences by their „cinematographic  ability“. We changed the chronology of actions and multiplied the landscapes which allows to invent a new story.

danger, curiosity and humor

Three men find themselves in the night to head to an unknown destination.
The landscapes they are crossing offer a playground which whitnesses their friendship.

travelling through the landscapes

Contrary to the performance, where all the actions are situated at one place, the film changes places and ambiences in the same sequence. The film has the gift of ubiquity, he makes us travelling, makes travelling the landscapes. It`s a little like if the audience, at watching the performance in Potsdam with a rainy landscape could be in Marseille on an empty parkinglot or in Lisboa in a sunny parc at the same time.

The choreography talks a lot about the far and the nearby. It is the action and the path of the protagonists which gives the area any limit. It ́s marking a landscape in the landscape, a climate in the climate.
The spectator sits in front of the in nite landsape, his point of view is xed.

The film will reastablish a linearity of actions by playing with different perspectives in order of timing and their finality of the original performance.
The editing of the different points of view create an image of the landscapes which absorbes and rejects the body. The film is in between the public and the performance.

As the title already says, the sound of the performance is very important. In the performance the protagonists manipulate a loudspeaker and a microphone. In the film the sound is not visible. It will be rerecorded and artificially added to the images.

in the end

The absence of an evident plot opens up a different approach of interpretation. It is liberated of the follow of action and can take a purist way. And throughout the pictural approach of the piece and the movie it reveals a very reflective even philosophic and humourous position for the viewer.